Eric T. Wallace - Just a sinner saved by Grace

Welcome to ecrosstexas. My name is Eric Wallace and I am your servant in Christ. This is my personal website and home to my weblog.

I am not famous and the only fame I seek is for the name Jesus Christ. I am the worst of sinners saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone for the glory of God alone!

In addition to this website, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter (@ecrosstexas), Flickr among others.


I am married to Shannon and we have two daughters, Emma and Molly. Recently, the Lord added a son, William, to our family. Since 1996, we attend Chase Oaks Church and lead the Rev 5:9 Life Group with my wife. Shannon and I also both serve in KidZone.


For more than five years now I have been at the Red River Tea Company where I run the service and IT departments. It is an interesting job with an up and coming tea company focus on the convenience store market with our fresh brewed TEAZZERS. In addition to meeting lots of cool people and seeing many parts of the country for the first time, the job has given me lots of opportunities to expand my skills.

You can learn more about my career and see my resume at LinkedIn.


Grade School

It only seemed like a few years ago this would have been silly to reference, but given the growth of Facebook I have reconnected with a number of friends from St. Margaret Mary in St. Louis, Missouri.

High School

I attended St. Louis University High School for one semester. In October of 1986 Kroger announced it was closing the St. Louis division and my family was transfered to Houston, Texas.

At the age of 14 I found myself in a public school for the first time in my life. From a class of approximately 90 to a class in excess of 600. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas. But to the dismay of many back in St. Louis I didn’t have a horse, an oil well, and didn’t personally know JR Ewing.

I graduated from Klein High School in 1990. Junior Achievement, Student Council, and Young Life were all major players in my development. Shannon and I started dating that summer and we have been together ever since. God is so good!


I attend the University of Texas at Austin, but the school wasn’t the best fit for me. After spending most weekends with Shannon at Texas A&M University, I didn’t want to settle for any degree to graduate from tu. After we were married, I completed by degree at Dallas Baptist University. I graduated in 2000 with a BBA degree in Management Information Systems, just in time for the tech bubble to burst!


Over the years I have written many posts about political issues. I loved Ronald Reagan, supported Bush 43, and I think that Barrack Obama is going to destroy the American way of life if left unchecked. But don’t get the wrong idea about my politics. I am not a die hard Republican.

On Facebook, I wrote “I wish our leaders would follow the Constitution” and I think this is a good summary of where I am coming from. Those men of 1776 gave us the framework for great personal freedoms and freedom from government tyranny. They gave us not a Christian nation, but a nation where Christianity could flourish.

Still can’t pinpoint my politics? Neither can I. I am a Libertarian-Republican who rests everything at the feet of the cross. The political compass can plot me, but I don’t have a party.

Everything Else

I enjoy reading, music, and photography, dabble in Django as well as keep a wishlist if you are so inclined.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter (@ecrosstexas), you can learn more about me by reading my weblog or just the Eric specific posts. Google (Big Brother?) has a pretty complete profile of me as well.