Your iPhone Storage is Full

We all dread the message...

Google even made a commercial making fun of us iPhone users.

On Tuesday, while attending my daughter Molly's orchestra concert I was greeted with a warning that I was nearly out of space on my iPhone 6s (running 11.2.5). Thinking that was rather odd, I checked the storage.

iPhone Storage Screenshot So, we have just under 6 GB available and my Photos library is consuming 3.06 GB of storage.

So, we go about trying to grab some video. 67 seconds later recording stops and my iPhone is telling me it is full again. At this point I grab my wife's iPhone and record the rest of the concert.

Looking at the settings, I don't see any reason there is an issue. We will fight this battle another day.

At the office, I upgraded the iPhone to 11.2.6, but didn't address the storage issue further.

Jump to Wednesday evening, still struggling with my iPhone saying the storage is full as I have not taken any of the recommendations to remove apps, large attachments, or old messages from the phone. My phone now shows 63.5 GB used, but that's not the crazy part. Photos is now consuming 20.37 GB and it shows it wasn't used since Sunday 2/18.

iPhone Screenshot showing 20.37 GB used by the Photos app How did Photos consume an extra 17 GB?

What is going on here Apple? How do 20.37 GB of Photos fit in the 6 GB of free space I originally had on Tuesday?

Somehow another 1.5 GB appeared in Photos within the next 45 minutes (and only consumed 200 MB). At least now, Photos was reporting that I had saved the previous screenshots.

iPhone Screenshot showing 63.7 of 64 GB now used. Another 1.5 GB of Photos!

At least point, you might be saying why don't you turn on iCloud Photo Library and Optimize iPhone Storage? Well, they've been on the entire time. That why my nearly 10,000 item Photos collection was only consuming 3.06GB in the first place. To be safe, I checked agin. Yep, still on.

iCloud Photo Library Settings Screenshot. Yes, please, optimize iPhone storage.

Here I am today with an iPhone that is barely usable. Most apps are refusing to run. I have restarted the device. I have toggled settings on/off. I am not sure what to do next besides trying backup and restore. Should I just jump ahead to nuke and pave and start over?

Out of curiosity I checked on my iMac today to see if the iPhone is still syncing correctly with iCloud Photo Library. Nope. None of the screenshots have synced since Tuesday night.

Photos app on the Mac. Yes, please, optimize iPhone storage. Syncing to iCloud Photo Library is not working.

Clearly my iPhone is having issues with iCloud Photo Library, but I am not sure how to resolve. Yes, I already checked, there is 111 GB averrable in my iCloud Drive. Is there a Photos database issue? An issue with iCloud? An issue with iOS itself? Has anyone seen this before? So far, I haven't seen any similar reports.

This might be some isolated case, but reports that Apple is slowing iOS development can only be taken as a good sign. I am hoping they return to the functional high ground one day in the near future, before it is too late.

Update 1:

Just tried to backup locally to the iMac which has 141 GB free as I type. Failed. Not enough disk space!

iiTunes backup failed.
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