On a Plane to General Assembly

I boarded a plane at 7am this morning bound for St. Louis and the PCA’s 48th General Assembly. It is with eager anticipation of joining Pastor Jake at the Assembly that I write this morning from 35,000 feet. I pray that the Lord will be honored by the work of the Assembly.

The PCA finds itself in a turmoil right now. Some churches who have grown leary of a theological drfit have already left the PCA. Brothers in Christ are divided about how to best lead and carry out the mission of the Church. What role do the Westminster Standards play in the life of the church? Are they more than personal discipleship tools? Who gets to decide what is taught in our churches? What will we do with the Report of the Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality? Can a man who self-identifies with his sin patterns be suitable for ordination? What do we do with a Teaching Elder who appears to deny the power of the Gospel to change his sinful desires in his public testimonies? Will the ideas that fueled the Revoice Conference continue to have a place in the PCA? Will Critial Race Theory find a receptive ear in our churches? How do we relate to the culture outside the doors of our churches? Are we really Reformed Prebyterians or Evangelicals who happen to agree with Presbyterian government? Can the PCA be a “big tent” and remain biblically faithful? These are just some of the questions we must work through.

There are good men on both sides of many of these issues. I ask for your prayers as we navigate the issues before us. I pray that we would seek to follow Jesus Christ as he leads his Church. I pray that we would remain faithful to the Word of God and not the spirit of the age. I pray that conservative churches wouldn’t be quick to exit the PCA if votes lean more progessive than they would like.

Regardless of the outcomes of the votes this week, the real work begins when we return to our home churches. What will local Sessions do in repsonse? How will Presbyterys rule going forward? What needs to be done to prepare for the 49th General Assembly?

Trinity family, please challenge the Session on these issues. Ask questions. Encourage us. Pray for us.

May our Lord and Savior be glorifed by the PCA.



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