Not Dead Yet

I wrote all that great sounding stuff back in 2021. Here I am still struggling to actually post something for public view, because I’m really crazy about how it looks. Then one day I saw the Eleventy Meetup email saying Lene Saile was going to talk about organizing your Eleventy config.js file something I had been playing with months ago. Clicking on her name, what do I see, but she has built an excellent starter kit based on Andy Bell’s “be the browser’s mentor” workflow for Andy’s talk/site really resonated me when I first saw it nearly a year ago…right about the time I started doing everything else except working on this site.

Well that changes now. I need to get this back rocking and rolling they way I’ve always hoped it could. I’ve got plenty of content to share in half baked form.

Real Artists Ship!

I really need to take Steve Jobs’ advice to heart.

photo of Steve Jobs by Albert Watson

© Albert Watson



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