New beginnings

Enough goofing around I'm starting over with Eleventy. I've barely been blogging for years now. I took my WordPress site down almost 2 years ago after the site was compromised thanks to an insecure plugin I was running. I've had every intention of getting my site back up running again with Django. It's a great tool, but I don't really have the time to devote to developing and running a full-stack site in Django.

I've seen many sites built with Jekyll, Pelican, and other static site generators. They always looked appealing and reminded me of the simplicity of Movable Type which I used once upon a time in the past until it would bring my shared hosting site to a near standstill when rebuilding the site. Somewhere along the line in the past year I discovered Jamstack.

I watched several videos on YouTube covering Jamstack and started playing with Gatsby since it seemed to be getting so much traction. Speed, security, and plugins galore. I know I'm a bit slow and I don't know a ton of JavaScript, but oh man it seems so complicated! It drove me crazy that I couldn't easily inspect the code served up with the dev server.

As I kept looking into Jamstack, I eventually stumbled upon Eleventy. I believe I have found a home! This "simpler static site generator" is a thing of beauty. I've played around with a couple of tutorials and then took the plunge and bought Andy Bell's awesome new tutorial Learn Eleventy From Scratch. I just can't seem to move forward without everything in place and everything complete. I want to believe in creating in public and iterative design, yet I sit on my hands and don't launch anything.

Well that changes today. is going back online as a functional website and I am going to commit to a #100DaysOfCode to get this site where I want it to be again. All my old content and blog posts will finally be coming back online.

Thank you to Shane Robinson for this TEAstack (TailwindCSS, 11ty, Alpine.js) small site/blog template.

Come along with me and enjoy the ride. Buckle up, it might be bumpy!

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