GRN Conference: Lead on, O King Eternal

Poster for 2023 GRN National Conference (May 3-4) - Lead on, O King Eternal: Pressing On with Holy Conviction.

Day 1 Morning Session:

  • Dr. Peter Lillback — The PCA at 50: O Lord, Will You Not Revive Us Again?
  • Dr. Jonathan Master — Training Future Ministers: Lessons from Old Princeton

Day 1 Afternoon Session:

  • Dr. Kevin DeYoung — Antinomianism: An Old and Familiar Foe
  • Questions & Answers - Speakers and GRN Board Members.

Day 1 Evening Session:

  • Dr. O. Palmer Robertson — A Second Path to Apostasy: Warnings from Paul’s Letters to Corinthian Church
  • Dr. Harry L. Reeder III — Preaching Sanctification: The Whole Gospel for the Whole Man

Day 2 Morning Session:

  • Dr. Jon D. Payne — Food for Hungry Souls: Sacramental Meditations of Rev. John Willison (1680-1750)
  • Rev. Christopher Gordon — Back to the Basics— Reforming the Reformed Church


Sarah Morris (@homebringwine) shared her reflection on the GRN Conference in a tweet thread Friday night.



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